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Starting Gate - Physical CD

Starting Gate - Physical CD

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At just 23, Charley released her first studio album, Starting Gate: a masterfully produced debut record that blends the high intensity dynamics of modern country with the tenderness and introspection of a classic ballad. 

On a personal note, this album is lyrically stamped with metaphors and imagery of her second love: horses. Spending the majority of her youth as a trail guide and equine professional, Charley’s first album has become a monument to a young girl coming of age; many of the tracks being written as early as when she was just 16.

Like a musical journal entry, Starting Gate takes you through the highs and lows of young love, as well as the pain of first heartbreak. Giving this album a listen, you can truly feel the moonlight, fireflies and the crackle of a barn fire - none of it manufactured, but rather authentically encapsulated in time on a full length record. 

Starting Gate’s full-band, modern country sound was produced by guitar virtuoso Alex Kramer, engineered by the equally as iconic Mark Thomas, and features Nashville R&B legend, Emoni Wilkins. It also features some of Music City’s finest musicians, several of them carrying a rich pedigree in classic country, and it shows through their contributions to this “wise-beyond-its-years” record.

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